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Vidalista 60Mg tablets are the branded solution for your erectile dysfunction issues. This is a tried, trusted and proven medicine to get you a long-lasting erection. You can take this medicine 30 minutes to 1 hour before sex. Administer this drug with or without meal. This medicine has side effects so consult your doctor in case of emergency.

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Vidalista 60Mg – The lifestyle and work pressure stress are impacting the health of men and women both extensively. Especially if we talk about men, then performance pressure is something that is getting on the nerves of men. They are not only dealing with physical intimacy stress but also mental stress, low self-esteem as well as psychological impact. It is advised for all men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction to take medical consultation. There is Cialis VIDALISTA 60MG Tablet that helps cure sexual impotency with effective results.

About the Salt of VIDALISTA 60MG

Tadalafil is a PDE5 (Phosphodiesterase) inhibitor. It relaxes blood vessels in various parts of the body. As a result, the blood flow to these areas increases. An erection occurs when blood flows from the penis increases, which helps in having satisfying sexual intercourse.

Tadalafil is a trusted drug used for the treatment of ED. Apart from ED, Tadalafil has been found effective in health conditions like:

  • Hypertrophy of the prostate (enlarged prostate)
  • Sometimes for the treatment of arterial hypertension
  • To improve sexual performance

Medical Uses of Cialis VIDALISTA 60MG Tablet

VIDALISTA 60MG is taken to treat the following medical condition in men:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Prostate hyperplasia
How does Cialis VIDALISTA 60MG Tablet work?

Tadalafil present in Cialis VIDALISTA 60MG Tablet works by constricting blood vessels in various parts of the body. It works by inhibiting the enzyme Phosphodiesterase (PDE5), preventing the breakdown of cGMP. This is in charge of blood vessel relaxation. When the drug dilates the blood vessels leading to the pelvic region, more blood flows via dilated blood vessels. As the blood vessels in the penis remain relaxed, more blood is pumped into the penile region, resulting in an erection. The erection lasts a longer time, allowing for proper sexual intercourse. The effects of the drug are only visible when the person receives adequate stimulation prior to intercourse. The medicine is excreted from the body within 48 hours.

Precautions for Cialis VIDALISTA 60MG Tablet-

As the Cialis VIDALISTA, 60MG Tablet is a type 5 phosphodiester inhibitor that helps in relaxing blood vessels and enhancing blood flow, so it may cause some side effects. In case of any serious health conditions such as heart problems, liver issues or any other medical history, inform your doctor before taking the drug. Avoid taking alcohol, or don’t drive in its effect.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Vidalista 60Mg

Q1. Can fertility be impacted by taking Vidalista 60MgTablets?

A. No, utilizing a Vidalista 60Mg Tablet won’t have an impact on conception or fertility. It doesn’t affect fertility and only works by relaxing the blood vessels and muscles in the penile region. Its active ingredient tadalafil works only in treating ED.

Q2. Does taking a Vidalista 60Mg Tablet mean I have to give up alcohol?

A. If you drink alcohol in moderation, it might not bother you. However, consuming five units or more of alcohol can raise your risk of experiencing headaches, lightheadedness, an elevated heart rate, or lowering blood pressure. This may lead further to drowsiness that can also impact sexual performance.

Q3. Does the Vidalista 60Mg Tablet cause a pause in sex?

A. No, it is not known that the Vidalista 60Mg Tablet affects ejaculation. The medicine is used for the treatment of dysfunction in penis erection. Some people may confuse it as a treatment for pre-ejaculation, but in reality, it doesn’t have any effect on that.

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